Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Shamrock Half Marathon

So last weekend I ran the Yuengling Shamrock Half Marathon.  I was supposed to run the full marathon, but due to a wonky quad I dropped down to the half.  I think that was a very smart decision.

It was also my friend, Kristi's first full marathon!  She rocked it! 
She was all smiles as she crossed the finishline!  Way to go Kristi!

The morning of the half I was trying out some adhesive to help my KT Tape stick better. 

Where has this stuff been all of my life?  This stuff was awesome!  Normally my Kt Tape does not last more than a run. Many people find that they can keep the tape on for a few days and a few showers. Me, I'm lucky if it stays on for an entire run. Last run this is what the tape looked like. 

It loves to just peel off of me. I follow all of the KT rules like no lotion and use rubbing alcohol on the area prior to the tape. Still the tape hates me. Well this new adhesive works wonders. I put it on Sunday morning and it was still hanging tough on Tuesday. Thank you KT Tape! It actually could have stayed on longer, but I was done with it. 

So back to the morning of the race. I took off early to find parking and meet Kristi's friend Amy before the start.  We were both running the half and in the same corral. I found parking pretty easily. I was going to pay to park ar farm fresh but it was full so I headed to find some free off street parking. 

I parked and headed to bag check. I found Amy and we headed over to our corral to wait for the start. Last year a 16 year old girl died after crossing the finishline. This year her friends and family were back running for her. It was very moving to see them on course. 

Amy was run/walking so we agreed to meet up at the finish. I was secretly hoping for a pr. It was a fast flat course and my last pr came while marathon training. Soon we were off and I was feeling pretty good shooting for a pr. As I was headed through the wooded part of the run we hit a sort of incline. I'm not even sure I could call it a hill. I hate hills and I felt no hatred of this bump. I was laughing to myself because you could tell the va beach runners because they were complaining about the hill. 

I was feeling great.  My legs were feeling good, I wasn't feeling winded, mile seven was looking great for me. You know that great feeling couldn't stuck around for ever. My first leg pain came around mile 8.5. I slowed it down a bit thinking that would help. A mile later I knew today was not going to be a pr day.  Why leg, why?  My run/ walk started around mile ten. The one positive thing about slowing down was I got to enjoy an on course beer stop. I missed the earlier mimosas but I did have one shot of beer. I finished the half right around my average half marathon time. It looks like it just wasn't meant to be for this race. 

I found Amy at bag pick up. With no problem. 

The wind from the ocean was cold after the run. Luckily I had a finishers beach towel to wrap around me along with my bright finishers hat. We then headed to the beer tent to grab one of our four free beers and listen to some bands. 

Runners like to drink beer. Yuengling was a great sponsor of this race. The bands were great too!  

Even Elvis had a great time!  As a side note Elvis needs to not wear his leopard print under Roos when wearing his white Elvis jump suit. Just sayin'.  

We headed out of the tent around one to catch Kristi finish her first full!  She was a rock star!

Other than my leg not holding up this was an awesome race and I may end up attempting this one again next year. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The long run that just won't end

Two weeks ago Jen and I headed out for a nice 19 mile run. It was a beautiful day. Temps were in the low 50's. It was perfect day to lace up the running shoes. I had my knee taped up and I was using this long run to see if I could complete the Shamrock full. This was the final test. I have not had a good long run yet. I was hoping this would be the day. I was hoping to see some rainbows and unicorns on the run. 

We started on the same running path that we have previously ran some long runs on. It was going to be an out and back run. I had some knee twinges at the beginning, but it didn't last. Come on unicorns! We headed out and it was a fine run up until around 12 miles then the knee started talking. Goodbye rainbows and unicorns. 

Jen was a good sport and walked the last 4-5 miles. It was a nice day to be out and about. I got 19 miles in just not all of the miles were running.  Ugh. What to do?

Tuesday was run club and I went out on the three mile run. I had a pretty good pace for 2 1/2 miles then I stopped for a stupid red light. 

I went from feeling great and suddenly I was a ninety year old woman hobbling across the street. I did my hobble type of run and then I had to stop for another red light. This light was worse than the previous. Doesn't look like a full is in my future. 

After that Tuesday I scheduled a dr appointment with an orthopedic. I wanted to make sure I wasn't messing up my leg or knee. I got in last Monday. I was pretty lucky to get an appointment so quickly. He assures me that it isn't my knee and I haven't torn anything. He thinks my quad is quitting on me and that is causing my other muscles to pipe up to prevent me from falling.  He also confirmed no full. He wants more shorter runs during the week and build up my long runs again. He also recommends sticking to a half or less.  

After my appointment I decided to bump down to the half.  I basically ran the half without issues for my last long run. I'm going to tape my knee again. This time I'm going to use the extra sticky spray since the Kt tape doesn't really stick that well to me. I ran twice this past week and felt pretty good. Im hoping it carries over to my race tomorrow.  I feel pretty good about tomorrow. I think it helps that I know what the issue is.  It also helps that I do not see snow while running too.  

Friday, March 6, 2015

Need to get past six miles

Last weekend Jen and I ventured out for a run. It has been awhile since we've ran long thanks to a crazy snowy February!  I was supposed to run 18 miles but I figured we could shoot for 12-15 miles. Jen was checking the local running paths to see which path would not kills with ice. Thankfully Run Washington put out a map of trail conditions so that made her job a bit easier. 

When we started out it was really cold. I was worried about my butt freezing off. For whatever reason my butt stayed toasty warm and didn't even have a chip in it. I think that must of been due to decreased winds because I know we have ran in slightly warmer temps and I had serious frozen butt syndrome (sfb for short).  

Who knew that wind could make or break a run!  I also had the perfect layers on for this run. Figures that I get layering in the winter down when we are pretty much done with single/teen temps. Anywhoo...we took off from Jen's and decided we'd aim for 12 miles and if we felt up to it we could tack on some extra miles once we made it back to Jen's place. Turned out to be a great decision. Around mile 6 my knee and quad were starting to kill me. I also am seriously questioning if I can finish my full marathon in March. Yikes!  Now the good news is there was no shooting pain like my last long run, just a lot of uncomfortable tightness. Once again I'm going to foam roll like a champ and see what I can do. We ended up doing 11 miles last week. Not very pretty but two good things came from the run.
1. I did not have s.f.b even though we were in the teens or twenties.
2.  No shooting pain up my leg and knee. Maybe my two weeks of rest helped some.

So this weekend we are going to head out for 19 miles (yikes!). This will be the test for the full. If I can get through this last long run then I should be fine for my marathon, if not I will think about not running or just doing the half, which is not how I wanted to spend that Sunday. 

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Water stops and birthdays

Last week I worked the water stop at a local 5k with my run club friends. The beauty about this volunteering job is afterwards we get free mimosas at the after party.  That's the kind of volunteering I can get behind!  And just so we are clear we all had multiple mimosas!  What a great race!

Today is my 40th birthday!  And as a birthday present we had a snow day!  I love snow days, but birthday snow days are the best!  Yesterday I had lunch with friends in anticipation of the snow coming and it's just fun to have lunch with cool people!  We headed for some Mexican food and birthday margaritas.  

Now the snow was not supposed to start until the evening. Unfortunately it started earlier than anticipated. I headed home in snow. It usually takes me 40 minutes to get home. It took me 2 hours to travel home. Once I finally got home I was greeted by neighbor Nick who was shoveling my parking spot for my birthday. 

I also found out there would be no school. Looks like 40 could be a good year!  

This morning I woke up and did some birthday shoveling. Then I made a birthday breakfast of a chocolate croissant.  Later I had some ice cream cake and then neighbor Nick came over with some birthday beer. 

My plan is to celebrate my new age group all year.  I have a good feeling about 40. 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Another go at 18 miles a.k.a why did I sign up for a marathon again?

I took a week off hoping the rest would help my itband. Last weekend I met up with Jen and Sandi to run 18 miles. Sandi had 13 miles on her training schedule,so she was only running the first 6 miles with us.  Then she was heading back on her own.  It's always better to get a run in with friends. Sometimes the conversation can distract you from how you don't want to run.  The temps were high 30's low 40's. So not too bad for a long run. 

We were running an out and back on a bike path. Not too hard. At mile 6 we said goodbye to Sandi and continued onward. Around mile 7 it happened, I put my foot down and pow! The knee felt like it was going to give and a lovely pain shot up my leg. Thank you itband!  We continued on to mile 8 and turned it around. 

From mile 8-16 it was a shuffle at best. We took some walk breaks. The down hills were the worst. I love running down hill!  But not that day I didn't. We got in 16...not bad considering. The good thing about out and back is the fact you have no option once you are out there. You have to make it back so you are going to get the miles in. Now we did cut off two miles but not sure I would have gotten the miles in if I had the option of quitting. 

 Still smiling as I head home to a warm shower. 

I also made a new friend. 

Riley is not impressed with my friend the foam roller. Ugh I hate stretching but looks like if I want to run I'm going to start to love stretching. 

Monday, February 9, 2015

Trying to run 16.

Two weeks ago...or maybe it was three weeks ago...yikes! Jen and I headed out to run 16 miles. It was the perfect winter day. The temps were supposed to reach into the high 40's. You can not stay in on a day like that!  So we headed out for our run. I had on capris and a short sleeved shirt in January!  The plan was to run to the mall, run around the Lincoln memorial and the WWII memorial. 

We were doing fine. I wasn't enjoying the run like I was hoping I would but we were out there. Then as we were headed across the bridge towards the mall, my knee started to hurt. Around mile 7 I was hoping I could finish the run. We started the run walk system near the WWII memorial. At mile 8 I was thinking of jumping on the metro at Arlington cemetery, I figured I should be able to finish so we kept going. The downhill was the worst.  I was hating life. I was regretting my decision to keep running. Instead of heading back to Jen's we took a detour to crystal city to get a donut and hot chocolate. The walking was making me cold.  A hot chocolate sounded yummy!
 I'll take one of each!

I ended up with a chocolate cream filled and a hot chocolate. We then hopped on the metro back to Jen's place. We got in 12 miles. Not the 16 that I was hoping for. Of course the first thing I did when I got home was look up itbs.   I was thinking my itband was tight. After consulting the Internet doctor I self diagnosed itbs. Ugh.  

I took a week off of running to see if that is going to help my itband. 

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Nobody puts baby in a corner

It's Saturday, the night before my 16 mile training run. What am I doing?  Well I did some shopping and then came home and decided to go through my filing cabinet and get rid of a bunch of old stuff from the days when I first started teaching. It's amazing the amount of papers that one person can accumulate. I now have a large trash bag of old papers leaving my house on trash day. Don't be jealous of my Saturday. 

After the great paper purge of 2014 I headed downstairs to see what was on tv. Now I'm not a huge tv person. It is usually background noise while I'm on my iPad. I don't watch a lot of movies either. Very rarely do I head to the movies. Today must have been my lucky day. As I'm surfing to find something to watch I find one of my favorite movies of all time...Dirty Dancing!  

I know most of the words and I'm a bit annoying to watch it with. Luckily Riley doesn't mind. 

Following Dirty dancing is Grease. Looks like I'm watching a bunch of tv tonight. One thing for sure my legs shouldn't be tired for tomorrow's long run.